Introducing the new PromoteMe app!

A complete solution consists of customizable components to minimize cost to your organization and is billed annually.

Retail App

Each user in your organization requires a Retail App subscription. In addition to the user subscription, we also collect a fee based on sales volume.

User Subscription: $55 / year

$50 / year / 500 sales

People App

Each user in your organization requires a People App subscription. User subscriptions start at competitive rates, and we offer tiered discounts for additional users.

User Subscription: $55 / year

Tiered Discount: $0.10 / user / 50-count

Organization License

The organization subscription is required and includes all core features of the platform.

$1,500 / year

Managed Services & Add Ons

Choose only the additional features that you need and don't already have in place.

Domain: $150 / year

Registration and maintenance of one custom domain

Professional DNS record management

Mail Server: $250 / year

Setup and maintenance of one custom mail server

Reporting on bounce-backs, opens, and link clicks

Active Directory Authentication: $1,500 / year

Perfect integration for the enterprise partner

Seemless integration with your existing authentication scheme

Employees do not have to maintain separate passwords

You have complete control over password resets and other account details

* Variability of Pricing: We strive to be 100% transparent with our partners. Our prices cover the most common scenarios. Any additional costs that we pass through to you will be clearly outlined in your service agreement, and we will verbally review them with you before any agreement is signed.

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